I'm Lauren. I'm 23 years old. I'm from New Jersey, but I currently live in Florida. I like TV and movies, and I love to read. Music is better than life, I have crazy love for David Cook, and I'm a die hard Phillies fan. You'll mostly find fandom stuff here. Enjoy!

I don’t want to find out what kind of lawyer I’d be without you. Oh my god, you really do need me.

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Do you realize, like, some the best things that have ever come out of my mouth were written by the people that wrote that show? — Seth Green [x]

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I just got a call from Adam and Eddy, who I love from Lost. They’re like, “Oh, would you like to play Belle for an episode with this guy?” And I’m like, “Uhh, hell, yeah!” We had a great time and it all just sort of clicked.

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-Our wedding is gonna be legendary.

-No wait for it?

-I’ve got you, I don’t have to wait for it anymore.

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